Dr Lauren Boundy

Lauren spends most of her week based in our Frankston rooms supporting her Osteopathic team and running the business. Her staff have been carefully selected & supported, and they receive ongoing mentoring to continue to offer Osteopathic care in the model Lauren has successfully established.

Consulting in our Healesville room, Lauren looks after her existing patient base and supports new infant patients from the local area. Lauren is not only an Osteopath but also has a Cert IV in Breastfeeding Counselling and is an Orofacial Myologist.

Lauren’s interest areas include:

✧Supporting mums & bubs with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding difficulties

✧Treatment for infants including torticollis, plagiocephaly, birth trauma/strain, movement or stiffness concerns
✧Tongue tie, lip tie and poor chewing skills for infants and toddlers

✧Paediatric Osteopathy for complaints such as movement concerns, posture, growing pains, asymmetry

✧Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy for children

✧Pregnancy care and Post-natal care for mums
✧Headaches and TMJ pain

✧Craniosacral therapy and breathing education – all ages

Lauren is taking her decades of experience into delivering courses for the osteopathic profession on topics such as Tongue Tie Support for Breastfeeding Dyads (2016, 2017); and Paediatric Orofacial Myology Concepts for Osteopaths (2023 & 2024).

Lauren is a sought-after Osteopathic speaker with presentations delivered to:

  • HealthLinks Gippsland – Allied Health Team (2022)
  • Peninsula Health Paediatric Speech Pathology Dept (2022)
  • TMD & Sleep Mini-residency (Dental Conference) (2023)
  • ASTOT (Australian Society for Tethered Oral Tissues) (2024)
  • ……and more to come.

Lauren graduated from Victoria University in 2000 and opened Osteopathy Connections in Frankston in 2009, Lilydale in 2019, Healesville in 2022 & Highett in 2023.