Mastitis & Breastcare

Breastcare Osteopathy & Ultrasound for Inflammatory Breast Conditions

We are now offering Breastcare Osteopathy & Ultrasound appointments for patients experiencing inflammatory breast conditions such as:

  • Mastitis
  • Engorgement 
  • Blocked ducts

Inflammatory breast conditions are referred to as examples of common ‘mastitis spectrum disorders’.

Breastcare Osteopathy offers patients a conservative multi-faceted approach including

  • Lymphatic Osteopathic therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Education & self-care strategies

Treatment aims to reduce the length and severity of the Inflammatory episode.

We provide you with at-home strategies you can use to help manage your breast health too.

What causes Breast Inflammation, such as Mastitis?

Research has demonstrated that multiple factors may contribute to the development of mastitis. These factors include:

  • Hyperlactation (too much milk in the breast), and
  • Microbial & medical factors such as diversity of the milk microbiome, and factors such as antibiotic and probiotic use. 
  • The lactating breast is a very dynamic gland and responds to several hormones too.

There is a spectrum of inflammatory breast conditions, so early recognition and management is crucial to halt the progression and restore health to the breast.

Things you can watch out for:

  • Poor attachment by baby to the breast & watch for nipple damage
  • Longer than usual periods between breastfeeds
  • Blocked milk ducts or lumpy areas in the breast
  • Breasts that are too full
  • An overly-tight bra, or prolonged pressure on the breast
  • Have a plan to wean to avoid stopping breastfeeding too quickly
  • A baby with tongue tie or torticollis who is having problems attaching to the breast

Self-Care Tips

  • Stay hydrated
  • Apply cool packs to the breast
  • Rest and be gentle with your breast
  • Check your bra fitting is not too tight
  • Anti-inflammatories may be appropriate
  • Feed your baby or express your milk as usual
  • Monitor your breast for lumps or tenderness
  • Check-in with your lactation consultant for support on feeding or weaning plans


  • Increasing breast pain or redness
  • Fever or chills
  • Increasingly feeling unwell

What does a Breastcare Osteopathy consultation involve?

Service provided by senior osteopath Dr Bridie McNulty – women’s health and paediatric osteopath

Upon booking an appointment you will receive an email confirmation containing some important forms to complete.

This includes our Client Registration form; a Breast Health History Form and a Consent form.

  1. On arrival, Dr Bridie will greet you and take you to the consult room. You will be offered a gown and asked to remove your tops. The room (& treatment table) will be warm for you.
  2. Dr Bridie will discuss your concerns, provide an assessment and discuss treatment options. With your consent, treatment will proceed. 
  3. Dr Bridie will inspect and palpate your body, including the breast, as part of the assessment. Treatment will generally include soft hands-on massage and movement techniques. If Ultrasound therapy is also utilised it requires a gel to be applied to your skin which is a little cool.
  4. You will be given take-home tips & information to look after yourself at home too. 
  5. We have Ice packs and Qiara probiotics should you require them as part of your management.
  6. Sometimes referral to other health carers is advised and Dr Bridie will facilitate this for you if needed.

How do I make an appointment?

Dr Bridie is available most weeks on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Frankston clinic.

Bookings can only be made by phoning our reception team on 9783 9041.