Dr Janet Hogan

Enthusiastic and caring, Janet is an Osteopath with a strong background in Remedial Massage. She believes in addressing the whole person for improved health and excellent treatment outcomes.

Janet obtained her Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) from Victoria University where she thrived in learning more intricate anatomy and physiology for accuracy in applying manual techniques. She loves to learn and to teach others, and readily shares her knowledge and understanding with patients.

Janet’s particular interest area:

  • Pregnancy-related pelvic and spinal pain
  • Post-natal care and rehabilitation for Mums
  • Paediatric Osteopathy -including torticollis and birth strain
  • Tongue & Lip Tie education & management for Infants & Adults
  • Paediatric Orofacial Myology Concepts for Osteopaths including Oral-motor therapy.
  • Headaches & TMJ pain
  • Spinal pain and stiffness
  • Exercise prescription for sports and work health – including parenting!
  • A large number of Janet’s patients are under the age of 1, and she loves helping new mums navigate that challenging first year.

When not working her dream job, Janet spends almost all her time looking after her young son, and her 3 step kids. She enjoys long coffee catch-ups with friends,  and exploring the local parks for increasingly better views. One of these days Janet aims to find the time for her old favourite creative pursuits, rejoin a local brass band and maybe even go to life drawing classes again!