Dr Madelaine Traeger (Osteopath)

Dr Madelaine Traeger

To Madelaine Osteopathy is all about empowering her patients to maintain better health and wellbeing. She treats each patient as an individual and tailors the treatment to suit them using both strong direct and gentle indirect techniques.

Graduating from RMIT in 2016 she has also completed numerous external short courses to broaden her knowledge and skills in a number of areas including Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. This has been driven by Madelaine’s keen interest in the treatment of pre & post-natal, and paediatric patients.

Madelaine enjoys treating all age groups from babies to elderly and has helped whole families achieve improved mobility and health.

Away from Osteopathy Madelaine enjoys yoga, bushwalking, reading books and spending time with her husband and family.