Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that focuses on whole body health.

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Osteopaths understand that if one area of the body is restricted or injured, then the rest of the body must adapt and compensate for this. Over time this may lead to inflammation, pain, stiffness and impaired function. The whole body health balance can be affected and your well-being may be compromised..

Osteopathic treatment can be applied to any body, from head to toe; newborns to the elderly.

Our aim is to help you feel better, move better and stay well for longer.

Osteopaths work with your muscle system and skeletal framework to improve the function, blood supply and drainage, nerve conduction, and lymphatic flow. This helps your body to heal and function well.

Osteopathy is recognised by private health insurance and we offer Hicaps facilities at the clinic. A referral is not necessary in order to see an Osteopath.

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How We May Help

Osteopathy may assist with a wide range of conditions. Here are some of the major areas we focus on:

Back and Neck Pain


Muscle Pain

Stiffness, Arthritis, Joint Pain

Pre & Post Natal Care for Mums